Well done, John.
Hats off to you for your sterling effort on this.
Good luck, you deserve it!

Chris Taylor

John is one of the smartest and most creative people I know. He always explains things in such an easy way and this book isn’t any different.

JalipazOwner, EngineerAudioconfusion

Over the last 15 years or so, the mixing profession has opened up. Now it’s possible to do great mixes at home, or in a project studio. But because this new breed of mixer is not connected with the older traditional studio system, there are new challenges.


How do you get clients? How do YOU market yourself? How do you tie into the emerging paradigm? I’ve been asking myself these questions for years.


“Make (more) Money Mixing Music” is your guide to this wild west of mixing. This book is worth it for the trouble it will save you and the ideas it will generate.

Chris PorroMix Engineer, Merch's "This Betrayal Will Be Our End"Blue Dust Studio

Just bought and read through the eBook. Very good information here – especially for people just starting out. I’ve been watching you grow and this series since the beginning. Great job all around…


… Everyone comes to a place in this career where what really matters is how *you* do something, or how *you* would do it, or what *your* approach is without caring an iota about what someone else thinks. Even if its Michael Brauer or whomever. I’ve had 3 really great mentors in this business over the last 15 years – Eric Penrod, Steve Albini, and the guy who ran the local recording studio when I was in high school. They have all conveyed to me this same concept.


At any rate, your book is going to help a lot of new fish change their mindset about actually making MONEY instead of just focusing on being badass and letting everything else take care of itself.

Great job!

Dereck BlackburnOwner, EngineerQuiethouse Recording