You’re no famous mixer, what do you know?

That’s true, I’m not a famous mixer, I’ve not done major label projects. I’ve worked primarily with small artists and indie label acts. The strategy I outline in the book might lead you to becoming a famous mixer, but the reality is that 99% of the mix engineers in the world aren’t famous, and there are more and more independently funded artists looking for mixing help. This book is about going from an occasional gig to having consistent work, and how to position yourself so that you can charge a decent rate.


Am I going to have to spend a fortune on Google or Facebook ads?

The strategy I describe doesn’t require any spending on ads, though you could supplement it, if you wanted to. There is no requirement to spend on ads, though.


How long is it going to take to start getting gigs?

As soon as you start implementing the ideas in the book, you should start to see more gigs. But, the real power of the strategy builds over time, as you establish yourself, and make connections.


How long is this book, anyway?

The book is under 100 pages, though everything is approximate in this digital age. It’s about 15,000 words, if that helps!


Are you going to email me all the time if I buy this book?

I will likely contact you with some bonus materials, but you can always unsubscribe if you like. I will not share your information with anyone, or rent out my list, etc.


Why did you write this book?

Since starting mixoff.org, I’ve become friends with many mix engineers, some with great talent, who struggle to get gigs. Marketing and networking aren’t natural to many mix engineers, so I thought I could lend a hand. Nothing would make me happier than to see many thriving mixing engineers, making the music we hear that much better.

Also, in recent months, I’ve become concerned about my own hearing. Spending hours working on a mix leaves me with ringing ears and struggling to hear my kids and wife. Even working at low volumes, I have issues. I hope to continue to work with musicians and mixers, though in other capacities than mixing directly.

Take care of your ears, guys!